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Infinite Energy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Power Outages and Emergencies

What if there’s a power outage?

If a power outage causes your electricity to go out, please contact your TDU immediately. TDUs are responsible for maintaining and repairing the wires, poles and equipment in your area.

CenterPoint Energy:
(713) 207-2222 or (800) 332-7143

CenterPoint Outage Map

Oncor Electric Delivery:
(888) 313-4747

Oncor Outage Map

AEP Texas:
(866) 223-8508

AEP Outage Map

Texas New Mexico Power:
(888) 866-7456

Sharyland and Sharyland-McAllen:
(800) 545-4513

Starting Service

I’m switching from another provider. Do I need to cancel my service with them?

No, we’ll take care of that for you. After you complete your enrollment, we’ll submit the switch automatically so the transition is seamless for you.

When will I receive my first bill?

Your first bill will generate four to six weeks after your services begin.

Payment Information

What payment methods do you accept?

There is never a fee for any payment made directly through Infinite Energy:

  • Checks and ACH payments
  • Credit cards accepted for residential accounts: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

We also accept these third-party payment options:


Visit or call (800) 555-3133 for a list of locations. Use your Infinite Energy account number and the receive code “7372”.

ACE Cash Express

To submit a payment using ACE, please visit to find a store near you.

Wire transfers: please call us for more information on completing these.

How do I make a payment?

In addition to the options below, we also offer paperless billing and automatic withdrawal options. You can sign up for these online or by phone.

Online: 24/7 via My Account

Phone: 24/7 at (877) 604-3489 (you’ll be directed to our automated system after regular business hours)

Mail: For a check or money order, please choose one of the following options:

Standard Payments

Please allow 7 – 10 days for mailed payments to post to your account.

Infinite Energy
P.O. Box 660905
Dallas, TX 75266-0905

Overnight Payments

Please allow at least 24 hours for your payment to post to your account.

First Data/REMITCO
Infinite Electric – Box #660905
1010 W. Mockingbird Ln, Ste 100
Dallas, TX 75247-5126

Billing and Charges

What charges are on my bill each month?

Depending on your plan, your monthly bill may include five kinds of charges:

  • Energy charge, which covers the cost of the electricity itself.
    • Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, this may be split between a flat base charge and one or more per unit (per kWh) charges.
  • Service fee, which helps cover Infinite Energy’s costs to maintain your account.
    • Depending on your plan, your service charge may apply to every bill or only to months where your usage is above or below a certain threshold.
  • Delivery and transmission charges from your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), which cover the cost of delivering your electricity and maintaining the poles and wires.
    • If you’ve selected a bundled plan, your energy charge includes these charges; otherwise, these charges are passed through to you separately.
  • TDU metering and customer charges, which help cover your utility’s cost of metering your service and maintaining your account
    • If you’ve selected a bundled plan, your energy charge includes these charges.
  • Taxes, including the PUC Assessment.

What services does my TDU perform for me?

While Infinite Energy supplies the electricity you use, your TDU owns your meter and the electricity lines. They physically turn meters on and off and perform all maintenance on the meters and electricity lines in your area.

What is included in my TDU charges?

If your plan includes pass-through TDU charges, they will appear as two line items on your bill, and you may notice them changing from time to time.

TDU charges include your local utility’s customer charges, metering charges and delivery charges. They represent the cost of maintaining the poles and wires, transporting the electricity to your home or business, storm restoration and related charges.

These charges are set by the PUC and are passed through to you without markup. Because each line reflects regulated charges that can change based on the utility’s approved tariff and other factors such as the cost of providing service, the flat TDU Metering and Customer Charges and the per-kWh Delivery and Transmission Charges may vary from month to month.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit and any applicable interest will be automatically refunded after 12 months of on-time payments. Once your account qualifies, this amount will be applied as a credit on your account within 60 days.

Otherwise, the deposit will be returned to you within four to six weeks of the date that you discontinue service with Infinite Energy, provided the account doesn’t have an outstanding balance.

Our business customers may have different requirements. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about your account.

Where can I find more details about my charges?

We’ve created guides on “How to Read Your Bill” for all our billing options. Click below to learn more.

How are tiered charges billed?

Under a tiered plan, each tier corresponds with a price per kWh. Your EFL will detail your tiers and charges, but here’s an example of how a three tiered plan would work:

  • Tier 1: 0 to 500 kWh
  • Tier 2: 501 to 1,000 kWh
  • Tier 3: 1,001 kWh and over

Under this pricing system, if you use 400 kWh, your usage falls only within tier 1, so you would be billed for the tier 1 price for all of your usage.

If you use 800 kWh, you’ve exceeded the tier 1 limit, so you would have some charges on tier 2 as well. In this case, your first 500 kWh would be billed at the tier 1 price, and then the remaining 300 kWh would be billed on tier 2.

If you use 1,200 kWh, your usage now covers all three tiers. So you would be billed for 500 kWh on tier 1 and 500 kWh on tier 2, and the remaining 200 kWh would be billed on your tier 3 price.

Keep in mind some plans have a base charge as well as tiers.

Energy Assistance

What if I need help paying my bill?

Energy assistance programs are available for low-income households that need help with electricity bills. Learn more about the options in your area, and find information on eligibility and how to apply.

Other Services

Home Solutions

How do I make a claim for my Home Solutions plan?

Please call (800) 446-7864, and we’ll get your service scheduled right away. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST to assist with your claim.

Is there a discount for choosing multiple Homes Solutions plans?

Yes! If you select all six programs, we will discount each of them by $1/month.

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