The Nest Cam™ Indoor and Nest Cam™ Outdoor security cameras let you keep an eye on what matters most: your home and family. Both cameras share the same features, but Nest Cam Outdoor is built to take on the weather.

Motion and Sound Alerts

Nest Cam takes a picture and sends an alert to your email or smartphone when it detects motion or sound. You’ll know what’s going on at home even when you’re away.

24/7 Live Video

Watch live video 24/7 in 1080p HD. Nest cams are equipped with wide-angle lenses and night vision. And never worry about replacing dead batteries. Nest Cam plugs into its power source.

Two-Way Audio

Talk to a delivery person or scare away suspicious people. A powerful mic lets you listen to sound through the Nest Cam. A powerful speaker lets you talk back.


Get yours at no cost on an Infinite Energy Nest plan (that’s a $199 value!). Or get Nest discounts while on our other plans.

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