100% Green Energy REC

With Infinite Energy Green Choice, we’ll purchase renewable energy credits for the electricity you use, making it 100 percent green. Or, if you’re a natural gas customer, we’ll buy carbon offsets for the natural gas you use. Either way, you can go green and make a difference that counts.

You don’t have to choose a special rate or commit to a particular term. Green Choice is a monthly service, so you can keep it for however long you like, regardless of the rate plan you choose.

When you help support alternative energy such as wind and solar, you get energy you can feel good about at a price you can feel good about.

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What is a carbon offset?

One carbon offset represents one metric ton of reduction in the release of greenhouse gas.

Similar to buying renewable energy credits, carbon offsets reduce your carbon footprint. Purchasing them helps support green projects like wind and solar.

What is a renewable energy credit?

A renewable energy credit, or REC, represents one megawatt-hour of electricity that was generated from a renewable energy source.

Purchasing RECs offsets your usage with renewable energy, and it also promotes the continued use of alternative energy sources. RECs generate an income that helps keep renewable energy affordable to compete with traditional fuels.

Is my home using 100 percent green energy?

Your power either comes from the electric grid or through the use of natural gas piped to your home.

Power from the grid, which is electricity moved from where it’s produced to where it’s used, is impossible to track. Electricity is electricity once it enters the grid.

However, when you choose green energy, you ensure that renewable energy is put into the grid on your behalf for the electricity you use. Your usage will be offset by 100 percent green energy.

Similarly, you can also ensure that carbon offsets are purchased for the natural gas you use, which will offset it by 100 percent green energy, too.

Choosing green energy also helps support increased renewable energy production. And the more people choose green energy, the more it will be produced.

Do I have to commit to a certain time period for my green energy plan?

No. Green Choice is a month-to-month service, so it’s not tied to the term of your rate plan. You can keep it for as long or as short a time as you like.

If I cancel Green Choice, can I add it back at any time?

Yes. Green Choice is a monthly service, so you can add it back to your account whenever you like.

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