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Protection Plans

Everyone dreads the unexpected, and home repair costs can add up quickly.

But with Infinite Energy Protection Plans, you can ensure quick, cost-effective repairs, no matter where you bought your appliances and systems.

  • Surge Protection Whole Home
  • Surge Protection Electronics
  • Surge Protection Appliances
  • Water Heater Protection
  • Plumbing Protection
  • Inside Wiring Protection
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Nest Learning Thermostat

Get the first thermostat that programs itself, and cut your heating and cooling bills up to 15 percent.

Nest remembers what temperatures you like and makes adjustments based on your schedule. It saves you money and looks good doing it.

Home and Auto Insurance

Protect your valuables and get peace of mind with home, renters, auto/RV and watercraft insurance through National General Insurance.

When is the last time you did a price comparison? You might be missing out on savings.

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LED Light Bulbs

Get more light for the same amount of electricity with lost-lasting LED bulbs.

Plus, they’re better for the environment. Now that’s a bright idea.

Internet, TV and Phone

Need to set up other home services?

You can do it all right here with one convenient click.

Home Security

Burglary accounts for almost 21 percent of all property crimes in the United States, with one happening every 18.2 seconds. But a home security system can stop your home from being targeted.

When you get a complete home security system from SafeStreets and ADT, you’ll get a special deal just for being an Infinite Energy customer.

Green Choice (100 Percent Green Energy)

It’s never been easier to go green.

You don’t have to choose a special rate or commit to a particular term. Choose any plan you like, and we’ll purchase renewable energy credits for the electricity you use to make your energy 100 percent green.