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Georgia Prepay Gas Company

Under Infinite Advance, all customers are accepted, regardless of credit score. Each month, we’ll send an estimated bill to allow you to prepay your service, and then we’ll make adjustments based on your actual usage.

Compare Georgia Prepay Gas Companies

  • 12-month Prepay Average
  • Customer Service Fee
  • Google Reviews
  • Credit Card Processing Fee
  • Full-Service Mobile App
  • Infinite Energy
  • $1.27 per therm
  • $7.95
  • 4.9
  • No Fee
  • GNG
  • $1.48 per therm
  • $8.99
  • 1.3
  • $1.75
  • Scana
  • $1.42 per therm
  • $9.99
  • 3.9
  • $2.75

Prepay FAQs

Your initial estimate will include up to three charges:

  • A $60 turn-on charge, $25 of which is a pass-through charge from Atlanta Gas Light (AGL)
  • An estimation of your expected consumption with our standard variable rate
  • Base charges from AGL

Please keep in mind that the credit for your turn-on charges may not appear on your invoice for up to two billing cycles.

You’re only billed once for your turn-on charges. However, due to billing cycles, the credit for your turn-on charges may not appear until your third invoice.

We only reverse gas charges when we get usage from Atlanta Gas Light for your service location. We can’t reconcile the usage if we don’t receive your actual gas charges, so it’s possible you may not have any reversals for up to two billing cycles.

On your invoice, your prepay charges for the next 30 days appear as “Estimated Charge.”

On your invoice, an “Estimate Reversal” appears when a previous charge is credited back to you because you’ve used less than estimated. And it also appears when you’ve used more than estimated, though in this case you’re being charged, not credited, for the extra you’ve used.

You should expect your first invoice 5-7 business days after your service turn-on appointment has been completed. Invoices will then be billed every 30 days. All payments are due 20 days from the bill date.

Your invoice will detail your new charges as well as any reconciliations to previous charges. Keep in mind your previous usage may not be reconciled on every invoice.

You’ll also receive a disconnection notice. Receiving this notice doesn’t necessarily mean your service is at risk. However, your natural gas service must be paid on time and in full before the gas is used. Check your invoice for a past-due balance to determine whether your account is past due.

Your prepay charges will cover one billing cycle, which is about 30 days of service.

When Atlanta Gas Light sends us actual gas charges for your service location, we reverse your prepaid amount for that time period so we can reconcile the estimate with your actual usage. However, we may not receive your actual gas charges for every invoice, so it’s possible that you may receive no reversal on one invoice and two reversals on the following invoice. And that means you might not get a reversal on one invoice, but then get two on the following invoice.

If you decide to disconnect service or if service is disconnected due to non-payment, all of your prepaid charges will be reconciled after the service is off. On your final invoice following a disconnection, there won’t be any new prepay charges. You’ll be charged for any remaining balance. If there’s a credit, it’ll be refunded within 4-6 weeks.

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