Systems Engineer Day

systems engineer day

In honor of the digital gurus who keep our modern word functioning, we celebrate Nov. 25 as Systems Engineer Day. We caught up with one of our own masters of the matrix, Infinite Energy’s Marshall S.

So, you’re a systems engineer. Can you help me understand what that means?

My current title is senior database manager. When I started here years ago, it was as a software developer. Over time, my role gradually shifted from development toward operations.

Now I manage many of the servers that the developers use – update the software, set up new servers and get rid of old ones. As my title implies, I’m also the database administrator, making sure data is backed up and that servers run well. And I’m the person people come to when they have strange database issues.

What brought you here to Infinite Energy and how long ago was that?

Back in 2003, two of the three developers at Infinite Energy were people I knew and had worked with in the past. We talked about me joining the team for several months before I decided to come aboard. I figured I’d give them a year and see how it went. That was 13 years ago!

Do you like what you’re doing, and what attracted you to this type of work? Do certain personality types do well in this field?

I can’t say there’s ever a dull moment here. You never know what the challenge is going to be, and I enjoy a challenge. I’m a problem solver at heart. I think that is a common trait for most IT people.

What are your interests outside of work?

I have three kids, who consume much of my time. I’m the volunteer IT guy at my younger kids’ school. I run my own email and web servers at home. I read and listen to podcasts a lot, but mostly not about IT topics. I’m interested in health, science, economics and politics, and I’ve also been known to play World of Warcraft.