Light Tubes: A Cheaper Way to Light Your Home

light tubes

Does the lack of lighting in your home have you feeling blue? Studies show lighting can improve one’s mood. But lighting those dark spaces with electric lights can boost your energy costs. And adding a traditional window is not always an option. Thankfully, alternatives exist. Light tubes — also called sun tubes, light pipes and sun scoops — could be the solution.

These tubes reflect sunlight from the roof of your home down into its interior. A clear plastic dome on your roof collects the light. The reflective tube transfers light through your attic to a port on the ceiling.

Flexible models work in places where the tube needs to bend around an obstacle. Rigid models are more reflective and produce stronger light.

Light tubes have several advantages compared to other options. For one, they don’t use electricity, which saves you money. You also won’t have to buy light bulbs for them. And the light you get is 100 percent natural.

Because of their size, light tubes are cheaper than traditional skylights. Kits can be bought online or at hardware stores. Costs average between $200 and $400. And light tubes don’t require any extra framing or drywall finishing. A traditional skylight will.

Some homeowners will want to hire a roofing company for a job like this. Others will want to do the work themselves, which is totally doable. Lots of tutorials exist online. In most cases, the job takes about a day. And DIY homeowners will first want to check to see if they need a local building permit.