Get Ready for Summer Reading in Honor of Children’s Book Day

Little Girl Reading

April 2 is International Children’s Book Day, started in 1967 as a way to promote children’s literacy. The day was chosen because it’s the birthday of the famous Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, creator of many beloved children’s stories.

In recognition of International Children’s Book Day, and because summer break is not too far away, let’s look at a few tips to keep kids reading when they’re not in school.

Get out and about. Make frequent trips to your local libraries. These institutions often have summer reading programs, book clubs and other events to help keep children engaged. And the librarians there will be able to make suggestions on what to read, in case you or your child are in doubt. And don’t forget to sign your child up for his or her own library card. It will make your child feel special and part of the process.

Variety is key. Experiment with different types of reading material. You never know what will spark a child’s interest. And so it’s a good practice to keep such things as novels, magazines and newspapers around. Comic books and graphic novels are a great way to encourage reading, too. Not all of them are about superheroes, after all. And educators report that the images cause children to slow down and absorb what they’re reading, rather than just skimming.

Be a reading role model. It’s important your child sees you reading and writing, even if it’s just going over a shopping list. Talk about what your child is reading, too. Give them the chance to read to you, and don’t be afraid to read aloud to them, even if they’re a little bit older. And look for ways to connect reading with activities you have planned. It will help them make connections between the real world and what they’ve read about.

At Infinite Energy, we hope this summer inspires all young readers to get ahead.