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National WebMistress Day

Today, on National WebMistress Day, we would like to show our support for all the women here at Infinite Energy who are involved in web development.

Sue R., one of our own software developers, answered a few questions about her experiences in the field.

How long have you been involved in web development?

I have had some involvement in web development since the late 90s, but I’ve officially been a developer at Infinite Energy since fall 2012.

What interested you about the field?

I have worked with individuals with disabilities since the beginning of college. The accessibility aspect of software development and wanting to make software more user-friendly for everyone is a passion of mine. I really enjoy problem solving, too.

How did you get started?

I did not specifically seek out web development, but it definitely felt like a good fit for me with my experiences and interests. My director helped guide me to this path when I started as a testing intern with Infinite Energy, and I found that I really enjoy it. I do enjoy all aspects of software development, but I will probably always have a passion for bettering the user experience and accessibility.

What is something most people would not know about web development?

Web development is not just creating pretty pages. Often people think we just build static pages with text on them. But it involves development skills for the software behind the pages to keep data secure, store data in databases and perform functionality. Modern web development involves technologies beyond HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What advice would you give women who are interested in a career in web development?

I would advise them to obtain a solid skills base in all aspects of software development and engineering. Start building things in their free time. Experience with the languages, tools and services, as well as the satisfaction of building something useful goes a long way in building the confidence you need to succeed. If you are intimidated starting on your own, ask a friend, professor or classmate to work with you or help you get started. We all have to start somewhere, but we cannot make the journey until we take the first step.

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