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Even Wind Power Is Bigger in Texas

Any farmer will tell you that you can’t grow a windmill. But there are wind farms all over Texas. And on December 20, low-pressure weather crossing the Texas panhandle made a big “harvest” on those farms. Enough wind power was made to provide 40 percent of the state’s usage for 17 straight hours. That’s a total of 13.9 gigawatts of energy. It broke the state record.

That’s just one fact that adds to Texas’ name as a big renewable energy player. It makes more wind power than any other state. In 2014, Texas made more than 39 million megawatt hours of electricity from wind.

This proves that the Texas grid policy is working very well. Did you know Texas was the second state to pass a standard on renewable energy? By law, a certain amount of energy made in Texas

must come from renewable resources.

But there’s more to it than just how much power is made. Texas also created Competitive Renewable Energy Zones, connecting state power lines with the wind farms. West Texas can get pretty windy. In fact, Texas can make twice the wind power of any other state.

Those spinning blades can come in handy all year long, too. Winter is the windy season in West Texas, and that’s when the demand for electricity is highest. But in the summer, winds are higher along the gulf coast. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if power companies started building coastal wind farms to harness that energy, too.

Enjoy the breeze, Texas. It might be powering your homes right now.

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