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Wattson Wisdom

A warm welcome to the wonderful world of Wattson Wisdom. I, Wattson, will be your guide to all things electric in this new recurring feature on the Infinite Energy blog. I say, this blogging thing is fun, isn’t it?

As a fluorescent light bulb, I was just contemplating today the remarkable world of bulbs and their bulbousness. Have you noticed the remarkable variety of bulbs on your store shelf? Some of my relations take the classic bulb shape: large cranium, small waist. Others have a curious spiral structure, going round and round like a miniature glass parking garage.

Some of us are low-wattage, and some of us burn so brightly that Hollywood stars wear dark glasses to counteract the glare we cast upon their red carpets. There are bulbs charmingly tinted for the holidays, like tiny, luminous jewels. And leave us not forget the remarkable artistry of miles and miles of neon tubing, creating a veritable Technicolor landscape.

But all of us, regardless of origin, have one very important thing in common: We require electricity. Without harnessing those very forces of life itself, our world would be a much more, shall we say, dim place. Of course, when those remarkable gentlemen, Messrs. Edison and Tesla began their tireless search for powered illumination so long ago, no one could have predicted where their amazing journey would lead. But today, the variety of light sources powered by electricity is staggering, from your humble obedient servant to the tiniest liquid crystal displays in your TV set that actually don’t use light at all, but allow light in its full spectrum of color to pass through!

Well, I don’t know about you, but frankly, I’m exhausted. In closing, I remind you that Infinite Energy, your dedicated electricity provider, is always there, ready to meet and exceed your energy needs with an unparalleled customer experience. As for me, I could use a glass of fresh juice. Until next we meet, stay bright.

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