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Wattson Wisdom

A warm welcome to the wonderful world of Wattson Wisdom. I, Wattson, will be your guide to all things electric in this recurring feature on the Infinite Energy blog.

Forsooth, though the ovens with baked meats choke at this most thankful moment in the year, has one pondered of late the miracle that is electric cooking? No, of course one hasn’t. That’s because electricity and kitchens have been working in concert for a century now, and we’ve all come to depend on those burners burning and motors whirring and fridges fridging whenever we want.

I merely ask that, if only for a moment, we give consideration to all those tireless machines and the AC current that powers them. Why, until the electric can opener came along, we had to use manual tools to release our jellied cranberry sauce from its tin confines!

And refrigeration? Most people were using ice to cool their foods a mere 100 years ago. How many of us wait nervously for the ice truck today? Unthinkable! Instead, we expect ice to avalanche forth at the merest flick of a switch from our refrigerator doors.

Even our most recent household appliances have a dependence on alternating current. Consider the food processor, which has only been around for a couple of generations. Think of all those tedious chores we used to do by hand. All that chopping and mixing and incorporating done in mere seconds, thanks to that remarkable invention. And until recently, no one ever thought of sticking a blender into the soup instead of the other way around. Lo and behold, the immersion blender stick, made practical thanks to electricity.

Yea, for that is the way of the world, inching ever forward. In closing, I remind you that Infinite Energy, your dedicated electricity provider, is always there, ready to meet and exceed your energy needs with an unparalleled customer experience. I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Until next we meet, stay bright.

Wattson is the electricity mascot of Infinite Energy. He shares his thoughts on electricity usage from time to time.

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