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Vote NO in NOvember on Amendment 1

In the election on November 8th, Floridians will vote on an amendment for solar energy. Although the vague language may mislead some voters, Amendment 1 would severely limit energy choice in Florida.

Today, Florida is one of only four states where utilities have a monopoly on selling solar energy.

If it passes, Amendment 1 would write this status quo into Florida’s Constitution. This would make it significantly harder to ever give Floridians more choice in the power they buy and who they buy it from.

But without this monopoly, Floridians could see huge savings by buying power directly from the companies that install rooftop solar panels. That would save the cost of transporting power over the grid.

And giving Florida the chance to expand solar wouldn’t just cut costs. It would also promote a cleaner environment.

Our company was founded on creating value for those who can choose natural gas and electricity. Help us bring solar choice to Florida, and vote NO on Amendment 1.

You can learn more about Amendment 1 from our friends at Floridians for Solar Choice.

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