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Three Easy Home Projects To Cut Costs in 2021

The New Year is finally here. And with it comes lots of ways to save energy. Check out these three easy home projects to cut costs in 2021.

Button Up Your Attic

Nowadays, most home attics are insulated with some type of foam, fiberglass or cellulose. But have you looked at the back side of your attic access panel? They’re often uninsulated and create a weak link in your home’s energy efficiency—unnecessarily heating and cooling your attic space. But it’s relatively easy to fix.

You can purchase a ready-made attic door insulation cover online or from your local home improvement center for about $40. Or you can fashion your own with a little tape, some staples, a bit of insulation and some weather stripping. It’ll take about an hour. Check out this short article for an easy step-by-step guide.

Insulate Your Outlets

In many homes, electrical outlets and switches create spaces in the walls that cause air leaks—a potential energy loss problem for walls that face outside. Insulate them and cut your costs.

Foam sealants, sprayed from a can equipped with a long straw, are one of the best methods to stop air leaks inside of walls. And there are several on the market designed just for this—available at any home-improvement store. If that sounds too involved, you can try sealing receptacles with one of any number of foam or rubber gaskets available in stores. These gaskets adhere to the back of your receptacle cover. Here’s a great guide to help you insulate your outlets and switches.

Trim Your Tube

Commonly, people discover that the hose connected from their dryers to nearby wall vents are longer than they need to be. This can make your dryer run harder, which burns more energy, and it can even present a fire hazard, as bits of lint collect in the bends and folds of the tube and get hot.

Solution? Trim your dryer tube. After you disconnect it, be sure to vacuum it out. And don’t forget to leave enough length on the tube to fenagle your dryer back into place after you’ve pulled it from the wall—those dryers are in tight spaces sometimes. Here’s a link to a quick tutorial on cutting dryer tubes.

Thanks for reading along. Stay tuned in 2021 for more helpful ideas from Infinite Energy to help you save all year long.

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