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Therman Says . . .

Greetings, gas fans. Therman here. Time to answer some of the many questions I get as mascot of Infinite Energy. Yes, I read them all, and thanks for keeping those texts and emails pouring in.

To Brent A.: I have nothing to do with Mr. Peabody. My name is Therman, not Sherman. And perhaps to save time, my name is also not Herman, Berman, Clurman, Wyrmin, or Sheila Blotts.

To Anastasia: My eyes are blue. In fact, all of me is blue, seeing as how I’m made of flame fueled by Infinite Energy natural gas.

To Jerry S.: It’s actually easy to sign up with Infinite Energy. Just go to, enter your Zip Code under Sign Up, enter your info and accept the terms. Booyah, you’re enrolled.

To Harvey G.: Sorry to hear your water heater went pfffft. I know those are expensive to repair. Have you considered Infinite Energy Home Solutions? You can safeguard all kinds of stuff in your home, and if something needs fixing, we charge only a nominal service fee. Check it out at

To Phil: Have you looked under the baked potato?

To Whitfield: That’s liquid natural gas you’re thinking of, or LNG, as we say in the power biz. Yes, I really can become liquid if I’m cold enough and compressed hard enough. Some of my friends might be working in your town right now, fueling your city buses or 18-wheelers. Say hello for me.

To Linda: Choosing a fixed natural gas rate or a variable one depends on your energy goals. If you like knowing what the price per therm will always be, choose a fixed rate for a more consistent bill. If you’d prefer a more flexible plan, choose a variable rate, and the rate will change with the market each month. We can always give you more information about your options. Just give us a call.

To Garrett J.: I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Sunshine, your girlfriend. But perhaps someday we could discuss the future of solar energy, on a panel perhaps, heh heh.

Therman answers your questions from time to time. We invite you to submit yours at

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