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Four Tips to Celebrate July Fourth at Home in 2020

This year, COVID-19 will likely put a crimp in your usual July Fourth celebration routine. As many venues and celebrations have been closed or cancelled in the interest of social distancing, most of us will honor the day from home. Here are a few ways to get into the July Fourth spirit while social distancing.

Show Off Your Stars and Strips

Hanging an American Flag outside your home or in a window is a great way to celebrate and show your patriotism. It’s a symbol of this great nation and all we aspire to be.

Congress passed the first flag act on June 14, 1777. And between that time and 1960, officials passed five other acts that changed the size, shape and position of different elements on our flag.

Today, it’s made up of 13 horizontal stripes—seven red and six white—that represent the original 13 colonies and 50 stars, one for each state of the Union. The red stripes represent valor and hardiness. The white stripes and stars represent purity and innocence. And the blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance and justice.

There are a whole set of rules you should consider when flying an American flag outside of your home. You don’t want it to touch the ground, for one, and it should take precedence over other flags you might have displayed nearby. Click here for some practical dos and don’ts when displaying your flag.

Try Some Patriotic Planting
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to brighten up your landscaping, July Fourth is a great opportunity, especially with the assortment of plants that have red, white or blue flowers. Roses, hydrangeas and gardenias are but a few that will help inspire patriotism in your front or backyard décor. Here are some more ideas to get you started on choosing flowers:
Red Flowers
White Flowers
Blue Flowers

Fireworks Are Fun, but Be Careful

In many areas, the annual firework shows we’ve all grown so accustomed to have been canceled this year, but you can purchase your own in many states. In Texas, Georgia and Ohio, for example, you’re allowed to purchase and discharge consumer-grade fireworks on your own property. In states like Florida and New Jersey, you’d have to have a special permit and, in general, are restricted to the purchase and use of “fireworks” that don’t explode—such as sparklers.

With fireworks or sparklers, there’s always an element of danger. Kids should never light them and they should always be used away from people, houses and flammable items. Click here to read some great safety tips when using fireworks and sparklers.

Use TV to Take Part

Lately, it seems we’ve all been watching more TV than usual. But if you’re not totally sick of it yet, there are some great programs coming up to help you celebrate the Fourth. Here are a few:

A Capitol Fourth—PBS will air its annual “A Capitol Fourth” concert from the National Mall in Washington D.C., on Saturday, July 4, from 8-9:30 p.m. Eastern. NPR will broadcast the concert on the radio, as well. The PBS broadcast will end with fireworks. The show will also be livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube.

A Boston Pops Salute to Our Heroes—Beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern, the Boston Pops will honor the COVID-19 frontline workers and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives to the virus. The program will feature patriotic musical performances and a firework spectacular. It airs on Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio.

Hamilton—Disney Plus will air a filmed stage production of “Hamilton,” a smash Broadway hip-hop hit musical on America’s founding fathers, on July 3.

If you are leaving your home or going out this July Fourth weekend, please take precautions and be safe by wearing a mask, distancing yourself from large gatherings and remembering to wash your hands/use hand sanitizer frequently. From all of us here at Infinite Energy, we hope you have a fun and festive Fourth.

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