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Four Easy Ways to Get More From Social Media for Your Restaurant or Hotel

Social media is a cheap and effective way to expand your reach to customers and potential customers. Whether you’re just starting a business or have been in the hospitality industry for years, a strong online presence is a good foundation to help your company grow.

Here are some proven ways to boost your social media presence without spending a penny:

  1. Keep your content unique. Social media is a great way to highlight what sets you apart from your competitors.

    Don’t be afraid to show your personality and company culture. Social media gives you a chance to show a different side of your business. Share your awards, introduce your staff and promote new services. You get to talk about some of the great things you do that most customers don’t see.

    And if you’re using more than one social media site, use different content for each one to cater to people who follow multiple channels.

  2. Check your analytics. When you have a better understanding of what type of post resonates with your customers, it’s easy to share more of what they’re looking for.

    There are several third-party services that offer these metrics. However, Facebook and Twitter both offer some (free) useful tools for measuring user engagement.

    Facebook Insights can identify the best times to post to connect with your audience. It will show you what kind of content people like most and how many people you reach. And Twitter Analytics offers detailed insight into how people responded to your tweets. It also identifies other influencers in your area.

    Both provide valuable user demographics. When you know who uses your site, you can customize it to appeal to your core audience.

  3. Share specials. Social media is perfect for highlighting limited-time offers. Whether you want to promote a menu special or advertise a competitive weekend rate, social media can help you reach a bigger audience during that time.

    Even if you don’t have any specials at the moment, consider offering a discount through social media only. People will feel they’re getting an exclusive deal, and you’ll be able to tell what’s driving traffic to your business.

  4. Follow up. Don’t let any of your messages go unanswered. Every message and comment is a chance to connect with your customer base, so put your best foot forward as you would with any customer service interaction.

    Negative reviews are just a fact of doing business, and people sometimes share feedback on social media that they might not give in person. This can be a great opportunity to make it right with the customer. They may even give your business another chance.

    If you change something as a result of a customer suggestion, let them know! Before social media, it was hard for businesses to follow up with guests. But now you can give credit where credit is due and let guests know you appreciated their feedback.

    And of course, you’ll get rave reviews as well. It’s just as important to answer those to ensure customer loyalty.

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