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Science Fairs in the Air

For the last few weeks, Infinite Energy employees have volunteered as judges at local science fairs.

Employees Kelly H. and Justin B. were there for the excitement at two of the fairs in Gainesville, Fla., where the company is headquartered.

“The kids were amazing and several impressed me with their creativity and confidence,” Kelly says. Her favorite project looked at how genetics plays into the ability to see certain hues of color.

Kelly attended Bishop Middle School’s science fair as part of Infinite Energy’s corporate citizenship program in support of education. The event was Kelly’s first time volunteering as a science fair judge.

“I was a little nervous but extremely glad that I participated,” she said.

Science fairs give kids the chance to do something fun, compete and get feedback from adults other than their parents and teachers, she said. “They encourage students to keep thinking and asking questions of themselves and others.”

Justin, a software developer at Infinite Energy, attended Kanapaha Middle School’s science fair.

“The students put a lot of hard work into their projects. You could tell they were excited about sharing what they had done,” Justin said.

Justin, in his fifth year as a judge, said his favorite project was done by a girl measuring the effects of earthworms on plant growth. He says he was impressed with her results and how she went about her experiment.

“Science fair projects make students curious about the world,” Justin said. Students learn to find ways to answer their own questions. And, he says, these projects teach students how to share what they’ve learned.

Justin’s own childhood science projects had a big impact on him. He says they sparked his interest in science and math. They played a part in leading him toward computer science.

Infinite Energy is excited to take part in such long-standing school traditions. Science fairs have become a big part of what goes in to a well-rounded education. And we thank you for letting us play a role in that.

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