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Our Boss Wins 2015 Impact Award

The Impact Awards are presented annually by Advantage Publishing’s publication, Business in the Heart of Florida, to individuals who exemplify the values of that magazine. Several Alachua County leaders are selected from nominated entries to receive the award, and the ceremony was held on December 7, 2015.

Infinite Energy CEO Rich Blaser was among those honored at this year’s Impact Awards ceremony. He was cited as one of those “individuals in the community that have motivated, educated, inspired and altogether had a positive impact on our business community,” according to the magazine’s website.

In the statement accompanying the Impact Award, the magazine wrote: “Key passions for Rich are mentorship and helping new ideas and businesses grow. . . . [He] has helped each employee family make improvements in their lives from financial planning to better wellness. . . . From a community perspective, Infinite Energy has pledged $50,000 over a five-year period to the Alachua County Schools’ robotics program.” The statement also mentioned the many boards Rich serves on, serving institutions of commerce, health and entrepreneurship.

“Rich says that mentoring others and watching them achieve their goals and aspirations is one of the most rewarding pursuits he knows–it’s a real privilege to follow the journeys of people realizing their dreams,” the statement also said.

All of us at Infinite Energy say the same thing every day, only in fewer words: Everyone should have a boss as awesome as Rich Blaser.

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