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National IT Professionals Day

Without our information technology heroes, Infinite Energy would not be able to function very successfully. We decided to learn a bit more about one of our own Service Desk Analysts today, Alex G.

How long have you worked at Infinite Energy?

I’ve been with Infinite for 10 years and 6 months.

How did you first become interested in computers?

I was fortunate enough to have an IBM PC/AT computer back in the late 80s when those machines were very expensive. I was fascinated with all the components that made the computer work. I remember my dad taking me to the CompUSA store in North Miami to buy a huge computer case and the parts, instead of an already built computer. Once dial-up came around, I convinced my friends to invest in a modem card and installed it for them. They were so impressed that I successfully connected them to AOL.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part is helping our internal customers, when I am able to fix an issue that helps them succeed in their roles.

Have you encountered any funny situations at work?

A few years ago, we needed a 3rd party company to install a software upgrade on one of our virtual servers. When the tech came to run the install, he asked us where the server was located. We told him that it was a virtual server, so we would provide him with a laptop to use. He said, “Oh, so it’s in the laptop.” We responded and told him that, “No, it’s virtual, like in the cloud.” He seemed a bit puzzled and insisted he needed to call his boss. When he got him on the phone he said, “These people have some weird setup. They’re saying they can get to the server from anywhere and it’s located in a cloud. Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

What are the most common IT requests from internal costumers?

We get a lot of account lockouts.

What is something other people might not know about information technology?

Many times a reboot is all you need. It fixes more issues than you would imagine.

What do you like to do outside work?

I really enjoy watching sports. My favorite teams are the Florida Gators and the Miami Heat. I also have a wife and three children who I love spending time with.

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