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Infinite Honors Losers Seven Years in a Row

commitment to health, Infinite Energy holds a popular weight loss competition we call the Biggest Loser. This year, we had about 50 participants vying for one of three top spots as winners.

Employee Kevin M. was 2017’s No. 1 biggest loser, earning a $3,000 cash prize.

“The weight loss is an accomplishment in itself, but the first place prize sweetens the feeling,” Kevin said shortly after the winners were announced at Infinite Energy’s annual holiday party. “I’m so appreciative to the company for this opportunity.”

Kevin lost 28 percent of his body fat, but it wasn’t easy. He said had to come to grips with motivating himself to exercise and reign in some of his sweet cravings.

“I feel like what helps when you can’t find the motivation to keep going is the support from friends, family and coworkers. It’s validating when someone stops you to say you’re looking good with the progress you’re making.”

Infinite Energy fitness and wellness coordinator Jason L. oversees the competition, now in its seventh year. He helps participants develop a plan for diet and exercise, and then he does regular weigh-ins to keep track of progress.

“The top three participants worked through a wide variety of personal, emotional and physical challenges,” Jason said. “I’m incredibly proud of all the challenges they’ve overcome. And I’m equally as excited to see what they’ll do with their new-found wellness.”

The other two employees to make this year’s cut are Greg P. and Charles V. Greg came home with a $1,000 prize, losing about 24 percent of his body weight. Charles came in third, losing about 10 percent of his body weight.

“It feels great!” Charles said. “Honestly, it’s weird because I don’t see changes, but everyone else says they do. I feel the changes—more energy and looser clothes. I still have a long way to go to get to my goals, though.”

Charles said staying on track with his program was hard at times. But along with that, he also had to remember to take it easy on himself when he slipped up.

“Having an extra donut, a soda or some other indulgence doesn’t ruin everything I’ve done so far,” Charles said. “Tomorrow is a new day, and I have to start fresh.”

Charles said the contest has given him a better idea of what he can accomplish.

“The best part is realizing I’m capable of doing this. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. Seeing and feeling the support from everyone around me, encouraging me to keep going, despite the setbacks I had, that feeling is indescribable.”

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