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Infinite Energy Protection Plans

Here’s another way Infinite Energy is Doing More for You: Protection Plans

It’s a typical evening in a typical American neighborhood. In our first home, dinner time is near, and things are simmering away in the kitchen. But then, sparks fly! Wiring sputters! The range stops working! What will become of tonight’s rigatoni marinara?

Next door, the kids are ready for their bath. Without warning, there’s no hot water! Icy coldness runs through the taps! The kids are screaming! The kids are dirty! Help!

And two doors down, “Frog Scratchers 3: The Final Warning” is on the video game console. All at once, a flash of lightning and the picture goes black! There’s no sound! Everyone cries out in despair! What can save the neighborhood now?

Ta-ta-ta-da! Infinite Energy Protection Plans to the rescue!

Yes, Infinite Energy Protection Plans. They’re the wardens of wiring, preservers of plumbing and guardians of gizmos! Everyone dreads the unexpected, and home repair costs can add up fast. But Infinite Energy Protection Plans ensure cost-effective repairs or replacements. It doesn’t matter where you bought your appliances and systems.

Just by clicking here, you can join Infinite Energy Protection Plans. Choose the plan that fits your needs best. You can protect your whole home. Or you can just protect your appliances, electronics, inside wiring, plumbing or hot water heater. Mix and match plans the way you like. Rates start as low as $6.99 a month. Seldom has peace of mind cost so little.

Look at the neighborhood now, thanks to Infinite Energy Protection Plans. Happy families enjoy hot meals. Plenty of hot water flows for bathing and washing. And frog-scratching plays on video screens to the delight of all ages. That’s what peace of mind looks like.

Shield your stuff with – Ta-ta-ta-da! – Infinite Energy Protection Plans!

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