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Infinite Energy Goes Solar

The cost of generating solar power continues to decline, and those who live in sunny areas of the country are taking advantage of that. Now Infinite Energy is doing it, too.

With headquarters in Florida, it only makes sense, right? This summer, Infinite Energy will begin generating solar power in its own parking lot.

More than 300 people work at the Florida offices, and that means a lot of cars. A lot of cars need a lot of parking spaces. And Infinite Energy has a pretty big parking lot for all those spaces. Why not put covered carports into those spaces, and put solar panels on the carport roofs? Then you’d have an energy company generating the very energy it uses, from one of the most powerful sources in the universe.

“Solar installations have become very affordable. This project is a great investment and an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity,” said Scott Thomas, Infinite Energy’s CFO. “Plus our employees will get shaded parking during those hot summer months that make solar energy so attractive for us here in the Sunshine State.”

Construction on the carports and solar panels should be completed in fall 2016.

Do you use solar? If so, how do you generate it? How do you use it? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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