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Solar Flair

Floridians for Solar Choice, a grassroots organization working to place a solar energy initiative on the state’s 2016 ballot, is using the power of digital media to spread its message.

A recent email distributed by the organization in late June encouraged recipients to take pictures of themselves holding signs reading, “I support #FLsolar choice!” The organization hopes to receive photos from all over Florida and turn some of the best pictures into postcards. So traditional media is in the mix, too.

The ballot initiative, if successful, would offer Florida voters the opportunity to decide if the state should allow residents and businesses to purchase solar-generated electricity from non-utility energy providers. A column by William Pentland in Forbes put it directly: “Does the law of Florida discriminate against solar power companies? The short answer is ‘yes’.”

And an editorial in the Palm Beach Post supports the initiative, writing: “We are ridiculously behind the curve on solar energy, just when the industry is itching for takeoff. Panel prices are falling. Power capacity is rising. . . . We’d love to see the free market set loose to move Florida’s solar industry out of the shadows.”

The coalition is careful to remind citizens that the initiative does not force anyone to buy solar energy, nor does it force anyone to purchase solar panels or anything else. It is simply opening Florida’s energy market to competition in the same spirit of free enterprise recognized by 24 other U.S. states.

Learn more about Floridians for Solar Choice, and sign the petition.

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