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Employee Spotlight: Trade Room Director Lukasz

Can a kid from a communist bloc country find happiness in capitalist America as a natural gas trader? Is Warsaw the ideal place to discover cinema? And if video killed the radio star, how come there haven’t been any arrests? These and many other questions will be answered in today’s episode of Lukasz, Boy Commodities Trader! The following interview has been edited.

Are you able to explain in 30 seconds—give the elevator pitch—for what exactly the Trade Room Director does?

Yeah, that’s a tough one. I think I can give it a shot. The Trade Room is responsible for buying and selling all the gas for the company. We make sure that all our customers get their gas.

How long have you been in your role?

Almost six months now, which is crazy. I’ve been with Infinite 11 years and 11 months.

Because it’s so numbers driven and so opportunity driven, what kind of college majors do you look for in people who are qualified to trade?

We’ve had a mix of educations. We’re really just looking for bright minds. We look for people who can create opportunities, create new processes or systems. We’re just looking for the best person that has the right attitude and shows us that spark.

What city were you born in?


Did you emigrate to the United States at a young age?

We left Poland when I was 6. It was the Iron Curtain time period. We spent a year in England and then emigrated to Canada, where my parents lived for about five years. When the Canadian economy started to fail, we moved to Sarasota, Florida.

I want to move on to what is clearly a great passion of yours, which is video. What attracted you to it?

I don’t even know. Why do people start hobbies? Maybe dreams of grandeur? I couldn’t tell you. It’s just fun. It’s a lot of work too, but it’s one of those things that doesn’t feel like work.

It’s not as glamorous as many people think. I helped a friend make a music video that unfortunately came out not as well as I originally hoped. Although, it was a lot of fun. Still is.

[Note: Lukasz also does the videos for our annual holiday party. Check out past examples here and here.]

When you shoot, what do you hope to get out of creating a video?

Ultimately, I was trying to make pretty pictures, kind of like eye candy. So I was really trying to frame the shot and light the shot in a way that just looked really appealing.

Many people at Infinite don’t realize what a special place they work for. I know this because I know people at other energy companies, and there’s something about Infinite. It’s like lightning in a bottle. I don’t even know how it happens; it just does. I’m very happy with that.

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