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Employee Spotlight: Sales Guru Xavier Y.

Like many, Xavier Y. is a man of two worlds, passionate about both his profession and home and family life.

When he’s working, he’s making money for Infinite Energy as one of the company’s top sales reps.

“They’ve had me since I was 23. Everything I know in the world was taught to me by mentors here,” says the 35-year-old Xavier, adding that the company is also where he met his wife, Lauren.

When he’s not at work, one of his main focuses is his daughter, Raegan.

“She’s 8 going on 18,” he says. “It’s pretty intense.”

One of the ways he does that is by working with the people who teach her so they have the things they need to get the job done.

Xavier has been a part of the High Springs Community School Parent Teacher Student Organization ever since his daughter started there several years ago. He currently serves as president.

“We’re a group of people trying to enrich the school’s life,” he says. “Schools are underfunded and they’re underappreciated. If we can give the teachers every possible tool they can have, they’ll make our kids better.”

The PTSA mostly makes this happen through fundraising events, such as its recent fall festival and upcoming walk-a-thon. For his part, Xavier says, he likes to get people organized.

“My passion is people,” he says, explaining that he likes to be the motivating force behind others as an idea takes root.

And it’s not such a hard thing to do, he says.

“I’m surrounded by really great moms and dads and volunteers.”

He thinks involvement is critical. Growing up, Xavier’s own mom was a part of PTAs. He says that had a big impact on keeping him on the straight and narrow.

“I just assumed parents should be involved.”

He’s says he’s glad the company he works for has made a similar commitment.

“I’ve not seen any other company take such an active interest in such a specific area,” he says about Infinite Energy’s focus on education.

Society needs to invest in our youth, he says. Educating children and teaching them to think critically, is one of the best ways to make the world a better place. “Children really are our future.”

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