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Infinite Energy Employees Volunteer at Easter Seals Eggstravaganza

Infinite Energy recently partnered with Easter Seals as part of our education-focused community initiative, and our employees were thrilled to volunteer with one of the group’s early learning centers. On March 25, the center hosted an Eggstravaganza, where volunteers played games, painted faces and put on an Easter egg hunt for the children. Jeff W., who works in sales, tells us about his experience.

What made you want to volunteer at the Easter Seal’s Eggstravaganza?

I have two children, and I know how important it is to show them love and care. Having the chance to put smiles on children’s faces is always a no-brainer for me.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Watching the children run around the playground with the baskets they made and trying to fill them up as quickly as they could with the eggs we hid.

Did you have any experiences with the children that made you feel as though you were making a difference?

I was dancing with a little girl who was about 18 months old. We were having fun, and she was so joyful. The little girl’s mom was a teacher, and as I was leaving the room, she thanked me because her daughter had always shown a strong preference for women, and that was the first time that her little daughter had been receptive to a man interacting with her. In another room, a 4-year-old boy and I were playing dinosaurs. When it was time for us to leave, he grabbed my hand, put a dinosaur in it and tried to pull me back into the room to play.

What do you want other people to know about Easter Seals and the Early Learning Center?

The teachers and staff are some of the most amazing people on Earth. They are incredibly hands-on and attentive, yet they do an amazing job of teaching children how to be independent. The center has its own cook who is responsible for making breakfast and lunch for all the children each day. The people of Easter Seals and the Center are heroes, and they should be admired and respected for it.

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