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Biggest Losers Weigh In

At Infinite Energy, we know employee happiness often goes hand in hand with employee healthiness. And so we do lots to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Our Biggest Loser contest is a great example. Each year around March, we challenge employees to lose weight up until December. Our on-site fitness and wellness coordinator, Jason L., helps with restructuring diet and exercise. And he does regular contestant weigh-ins. At the end, the three Biggest Losers get cash prizes of $3,000, $1,000 and $500.

This year, Cameron D. came away with the first-place win, managing to drop about 25% of his bodyweight. He now weighs in at 277 pounds.

“It feels great all around!” Cameron said. “I limited myself to under 1500 calories a day. I ate small meals and snacks and drank a ton of water throughout the day to avoid feeling hungry all the time.”

Cameron said the final three-month stretch was the hardest part, but he managed to keep the weight off.

“People who see you every day don’t really notice the drastic change until you show them an old photo. But people you see every few months definitely take notice,” he said, adding that he doesn’t have any plans yet for the $3,000 prize.

Paolo E. was our second-place winner. He dropped about 17% of his bodyweight.

“It felt good for me,” Paolo said. “But it probably feels better for those items that surround my life. And by that, I mean my belt, my bed frame, chairs and the woven threads on my shirts that have held formation against the Thanos-like incursion of my gut. Godspeed to you cotton fibers. You are the true heroes.”

Paolo said getting in shape has done more than just strengthen his body. It’s given him a psychological edge, too, helping him to be more positive about the stressors in life. And he’s not done. He said he plans to lose more weight and keep it off.

“My friends and family are grateful that I will likely live longer,” he said.

Mat H. was our third-place winner this year, dropping 24 pounds—about 14% of his original body weight.

“I was at the highest weight I had ever been,” Mat said. “My dress shirt buttons were taking undeserved pressure. My jeans were being asked to go to sizes they weren’t sewn for. I decided it was a time to get back into shape and have my clothes fit better.”

Mat said he lost the weight using a keto nutritional diet—low carbs, high healthy fats and proteins.

“I definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day, and it’s nice to not have to suck in your gut for photos,” he said, adding that he also plans to add a workout routine soon to “take it to the next level.”

Jason L., Infinite Energy’s fitness and wellness coordinator, said, “The most important thing about this program is that it teaches long-term behavior and nutritional change. I’m very proud of the commitment to a healthy lifestyle change the winners have made.”

And so are we! Congratulations, losers. You’re all such winners.

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