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A Veggie Venture for Apartment Dwellers

More and more these days, people are getting back to the idea that it’s important to grow some of their own food, to embark on their own veggie venture—and not without good reason.

It’s hard to find anything fresher than what you’ve grown at home. And homegrown fruits and veggies often have more nutrients because they’ve been allowed to ripen on the vine before being plucked.

Home gardeners have more control over the fertilizers and pesticides that get used, too. And let’s face it, home gardening is a lot of fun.

But not everyone has yard space. If you live in an apartment, for example, you’ve probably realized your options are limited. But there are ways, so let’s explore.

Window salad. Window gardening is a great choice for homegrown fruits and veggies. If you have the option, choose a south-facing window to make the most of the sun. Grow your veggies in pots or a window box, and choose your soil based on the type of plant you’re growing. Lettuce, kale and spinach are easy to grow and are great starters. Herbs, too, work well in this scenario, as do root vegetables like carrots and beets. If you’re feeling a little more experimental, try what’s known as window farming. This technique employs the use of plastic bottles to grow a curtain wall of leafy produce.

Bountiful balconies. A porch or balcony can be a fruitful place, as well. Lots of fruits and veggies that would do well in a back yard will thrive in such a location, given the right care. Tomatoes, eggplants, onions, peppers and beans are just a few examples of what can be harvested from such a garden. And growers can even buy seeds that grow into smaller versions of the fruits and veggies we all love, including dwarf versions of fruit trees that grow in pots.

Inner glow. If natural sunlight isn’t an option for growing, consider using artificial light. Artificial lighting’s main advantage is in the amount of control a grower has. Light intensity, duration and color spectrum can all be tailored to specific needs. Compact Fluorescent Lighting and LEDS are some of the more affordable options to consider when using artificial lighting. But keep in mind it’s harder to produce crops that fruit with indoor lighting. Herbs such as chives, oregano and basil are a much better choice and do quite well.

We hope this inspires you toward a veggie venture of your own. It’s a great way to make life a little healthier and a little happier.

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