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15 Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Reducing environmental risk is just another way of saying, “Be nice to the earth.” So on this Earth Day, the 46th since it started in 1970, here are some easy, nice things you can do.

  1. Have your own Earth Day party. While earthworms are busy nom-nomming the soil, put gummy worms in a dirt cake. Why not serve it with a garden spade?
  2. Buy local. Get your veggies from a farmer’s market.
  3. Dispose of electronics and batteries at approved places in your city. This keeps toxic chemicals from getting into the ground, which can happen in landfills.
  4. Download this pdf from the U.S. Air Force. It shows you 100 ways to save water.
  5. Plant a tree.
  6. Instead of driving somewhere, use your bicycle.
  7. If you can wash your clothes in cold water, do. It saves energy.
  8. Switch to LED light bulbs. You can buy them here.
  9. Eat leftovers, and donate extra food to food banks.
  10. Start a compost heap. The planet really loves that stuff.
  11. If you change your own motor oil, take it to a place that collects it for recycling, such as a gas station.
  12. Turn off lights and electronics if you’re not using them. Beware of energy vampires that still use electricity even when they’re “off.”
  13. Run the hood fan over your stove to keep the kitchen from overheating.
  14. Program your thermostat, or get a Nest Learning Thermostat™ that programs itself.
  15. Turn down your hot water temperature. Experiment with what feels comfortable.

And while you’re at it, why not make a habit of these nice things? Though Earth Day is just one day a year, the planet still needs help the other 364.

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