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Gwinnett’s Lovin Elementary Strengthens Learning Through Robotics

Students and teachers at Gwinnett County’s Lovin Elementary School are making great strides toward the future. And Infinite Energy is proud to lend a hand to this innovative Georgia school.

Earlier in the year, we gave eight Gwinnett County schools more than $47,000 in grants aimed at boosting education in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). Lovin Elementary, with a grant of more than $5,000, was one of those schools. Teachers there used the money to buy robotics kits.
“We were very excited,” said Lovin Elementary teacher Carol M. “Kids love robots! I remember the first time my fifth-grade students saw Dash (educational robots). They squealed! They were so excited and would stay in during recess for the opportunity to explore.”

Lovin’s students use robotics to learn about positional words, story sequencing, shapes, map skills, measuring and graphing, she said. Students also use them to learn basic code writing and to investigate principles of force and motion.

“Our goal is to provide an integrated approach to learning that is hands-on, relevant and challenging,” Carol said. “We’re creating engaging experiences with STEM (STEAM)-focused lessons and projects.”

Carol said Lovin started digging in to STEAM/STEM-based learning about four years ago. This year marks three years that it’s been able to incorporate such projects into its curriculum. And students in each grade level take part in at least two of these types of projects every year. Plus, there’s the normal day-to-day lessons that reinforce concepts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“STEM has made a difference for our students,” she said. “They’re able to understand the why behind what they’re learning. They aren’t just enthusiastic, they’re inspired.”

Carol said STEAM/STEM learning better equips students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It teaches them to be creative and how to work together to solve problems. It helps them make connections between school, the community and the world. And it prepares them for college and success in the world later on.

In addition to the robotics, Carol said the school is also planning upcoming STEAM garden and cooking projects for students. And teachers from Lovin and other Georgia schools are working hard to coordinate future projects together.

“There are so many good things happening in our schools. I want to thank Infinite Energy for recognizing and making it possible for Lovin and other schools to implement innovative projects or programs.”

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