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Gwinnett County’s Twin Rivers Middle School Aims High in Science

Twin Rivers Middle School shoot for the stars. And Infinite Energy is helping them take aim.

Earlier this year, Infinite Energy gave eight Gwinnett County schools more than $47,000 for projects in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics—STEAM. Twin Rivers was one of those schools. It used its $4,800 grant to fund a project on rockets and machine making.

“As soon as the kids found out they’d get to build and launch real rockets, they were super excited,” said Twin Rivers science teacher Andrew C. “The point of these projects is to give students hands-on learning opportunities. We want students to flex their creative muscles to become problem solvers, instruction interpreters and collaborators.”

Rockets made up the first portion of the project, which wrapped up at the end of the last school year. Andrew said about 240 students took part—assembling rockets as a team, launching them and, in most cases, recording their findings.

“We were hoping that students could use the height data they collected – along with the mass of their rockets and the type of engine used – to discover relationships between height, mass and thrust,” he said. “Unfortunately, many of the engines worked so well we lost sight of the rocket completely.”

Still, Andrew said it amazed him to see the level of team work and problem solving the students put forth.

And they’ll get another chance to develop those skills when the second phase of the project rolls out this November. For that part, Andrew said, students will build wooden models of platform lifters, cherry pickers, scissor lifts and excavators. It will be another hands-on way to see how science makes a difference in the world.

“ STEM/STEAM-based fields are important,” Andrew said. “There are many challenges facing the future of humanity. STEM fields are the best way to gather and analyze data to identify what those challenges are and then propose informed solutions.”

Infinite Energy is proud to help support Twin Rivers Middle School. We know investing in students like these is an investment in the future.

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