Letter from the CEO

To our friends and customers,

The American dream is the sense that something can be created out of nothing, that when opportunity presents itself, it can be taken, that we have some control of our destinies. The basic tenet of our Country is for each citizen to have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," making all dreams a possibility. We have tried to realize this dream.

Several years ago, when natural gas systems were deregulated, a huge vacuum was created. To fill this vacuum, marketers were allowed to sell natural gas to the consumer. Many failed because they only saw the customer as something to get but not to serve. We, however, used the American dream as a guidepost. We knew that here was a chance to create something out of nothing, yet we recognized that the dream must be shared with the customer. We saw a long term opportunity but knew it could only succeed if we created the necessary systems to serve our customers. We realized we could take control of our destiny.

These dreams included unparalleled customer service to the customer, correct bills to the customer, courteousness to the customer, a fair price for our offered products and services, and the concept that the customer is important. We knew that if we took steps to realize these dreams, we would prosper and our customers would obtain satisfaction. Many of our competitors forgot the basic concept that the customer drives the dream. They saw their customers only as a means to an end (quick profit) instead of as a partner. Many of you have read about their demise because they forgot who supports them.

We promise never to forget the value of our customers and we are dedicated to treating them accordingly. I thank our customers for their patronage. I thank them for making our dreams possible.


Darin Cook
Infinite Energy, Inc.

Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

We want to thank you for making us who we are today. Read some words from our founder and president.
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Mission & History

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Corporate Conscience

We’re passionate about helping our customers and employees, and our blood drives, clothing drives and food drives support local and national causes alike.

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